GAME ‘Retires’ Account of its Most Loyal Customer

In the world of sport, the highest honour that can be bestowed to a loyal, long-serving player is to retire their shirt number. Today, in what is believed to be the first move of its kind for a major retailer, GAME has announced that it is retiring the account of its most loyal gaming family as a mark of respect.

In place of her retired GAME account, Dr Karen Wolstencroft and her family now have the honour of receiving free games for the next ten years. In addition Karen will also receive £100 worth of Virtual Loyalty Shares.

Karen, who is from Cambridge, commented:

“I’m a mum of four and gaming is a big part of our family downtime together. Between work, school and sport we all have busy lives and gaming is our favourite way to relax. I’ve lost count of the number of titles that we’ve purchased over the years but when GAME got in touch and told me that we are their most loyal and passionate customers, I was delighted! It was completely unexpected and we can’t wait to receive the latest upcoming titles on the house!

“My absolute favourite game is Tomb Raider- I’ve played every edition since it first launched and I’ve loved them all! But it doesn’t stop there, we play everything from FIFA to Just Dance, either separately or as a family. That’s the great thing about gaming, it really brings us all together and you can escape into a game just like you can a good book!”

Karen is not the only loyal customer to benefit as GAME celebrates its success with a floatation on the stock market. GAME has announced that it intends to issue Virtual Loyalty Shares with a value of £2m to be distributed among 20,000 of its most loyal customers.

The cost of the £2m customer reward scheme has been funded by GAME’s major shareholders.

Ailsa McKnight, Marketing Director for GAME said:

“We are celebrating our success and this is a unique way to thank Karen and her family, our most loyal customers – plus the 19,999 others who share our passion for gaming.”

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